Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's not Complicated: AT&T shows us a very, very bleak future

A very sad future, too.

After all, if it's going to be populated- and controlled- by creeps like these obnoxious little brats, God help us  all.  In less than twenty seconds, they manage to give us not one but TWO examples of how they've managed to absorb intensely stupid activities they've seen on the glowing box which is obviously raising them.

At least, I think that's what's happening here.  First, the kids go into some kind of dance while contemplating a big, big treehouse.   One of the kids says that one benefit to having a big treehouse would be that it could include a "Disco."  I'd love to know how any of these kids have any idea what the word "Disco" means.  I mean, jeesh, their PARENTS probably don't remember Disco. Yet these kids attempt a mockery of John Travolta's moves in Saturday Night Fever.  How the hell do they know what they are doing?

Turns out that they don't want a really big tree house just so they can put a Disco in there.They also want room for a big flat screen tv.  (And here's another example of cognitive disconnect- one of these adorable little tots describes having to "hold a wire" to get a picture on the tv.  So not only are these kids familiar with disco, they remember rabbit ears, too?)

Oh yes, I remember wanting a tree house when I was a kid- so I could use it to practice dance steps from forty years previous, and watch tv.  Uh huh.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that these kids represent the next generation of pathetic losers whose idea of fun and economic sense is to take the week before Thanksgiving off and use it to camp out on the pavement in front of Wal Mart to score $200 off on a $499 HD TV.  At least, I hope so.  Because while I detest this kind of behavior from people who are SUPPOSED TO BE CHILDREN, I actually kind of like to mock them once they reach "adulthood."  I just wish they would stay off my Not Very Flatscreen television.


  1. "Which is better, bigger or smaller?"
    "Which would you rather have? A bigger tumor or a smaller tumor?"
    "(Kids stare for a moment, then begin crying)"

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  3. LMAO!!!!!!!!! I discovered your blog today and have been in hysterics ever since!!! I agree with EVERYTHING you say, and often find myself being the type you complain about. I'm the guy who doesn't leave his 4-shows-at-once DVR even if, or when, I should say (it's happened) I hear murderous screams outside my house. I also loaned my debit card out to a near perfect stranger to get me a 40-inch LCD HD TV at Walmart on Thanksgiving, since I had to work LOL!!!

    I think these kids are British, which would explain their use of the word "disco." It's my understanding that in the UK, a disco is what they call a club, not having much to do with disco music at all anymore, but curiously, they do know the moves :\ lol! Although your line about the tree house, "so I could use it to practice dance steps from forty years previous, and watch tv. Uh huh" had me unable to breath and on the verge of shitting my pants I was laughing so hard!!! British people also are (or were) more likely to use rabbit ears. It seems to be either rabbit ears or satellite there. Cable doesn't seem like too big of a thing there. I couldn't imagine. I'd die! :) LOL!!! Anyway, thanks for your blog. I LOVE it and will share it with as many people as I can!