Saturday, January 26, 2013

"How Was Your Day?" "Great- you weren't around." Ugh.

Except for the part where this guy is getting a shave at a barbershop (does anyone really do this anymore?) it seems to me that everything he does without his wife would be more fun with her.  I wonder why ad agencies insist on trying to convince us that married men and women spend a great deal of their time trying to get away from each other so they can have clandestine fun.

Well, I was married a while back, and I can't recall EVER feeling like this.  Whatever I do these days-whether it's taking a walk, watching a movie, reading a book, or whatever- I enjoy myself as much as I can, but in the back of my mind I often find myself thinking "it was more fun to do this with her than it is now, without her."  Not to be maudlin or anything, but I get the sense that the people who write these ads really don't like being married, and assume that most of us don't care for it, either.  People on tv are always sneaking off to do amazing, fun things and hoping that The Spouse doesn't find out.*   It's as if they are all bitter that they woke up one day tasered, tagged and taken, and now they are going to spend the rest of their lives trying to squeeze every ounce of Fun they can out of their Alone Time.  Is it just me, or is this more than just a little sad?

*And none of the Amazing, Fun things are really all that impressive.  Actually, they are kind of stupid and juvenile. This guy manages to get himself a few hours without the missus, and what does he do?  Rides around in a little car.  Eats a basket of barbecued ribs (I suspect MommyWife wouldnt' approve.)  Gets a shave at a barbershop (again....)  I still think most of this would be more fun if he did it with the woman he loved.  Or his wife.  Either way.

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