Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Helzberg Diamonds: your place for stupid, mixed messages

Let's see if I understand this mercifully brief nub of an ad:

Guy whispers something to his Significant Other, then tells us "None of your business."  (We didn't ask what he said, and God knows I can't imagine that any of us care.)

The narrator then asks us to "share our stories" on the Helzberg Diamond website.

So they go from "mind your own business" to "make your personal life everyone's business" in right about five seconds?

Did I miss something?


  1. You did miss one thing, the HUGE PUSH in the middle where Helzberg tells men the way to show their love is with an obscenely priced, over-the-top, tacky ring. Can't forget that! How else are men supposed to show women they love them? By actually saying it? By doing thoughtful things regularly throughout the year? Perish the thought!

  2. The "none of your business" comment, uttered by a guy who has agreed to be on television for the sole purpose of pitching overpriced lumps of dirt, reminds me of all those people who carry on loud conversations on cell phones in public places, then glare at others as if to say "How DARE you listen in on my PRIVATE conversation?"

    But I just can't get past the presumption that anyone watching this commercial would give a flying damn what this total stranger just said to another total stranger. Talk about an ego to match his lack of economic sense.