Sunday, February 24, 2013

I really thought this was a parody ad, and I still can't quite believe it isn't

I mean, just look at this.  Money-obsessed jackasses who haven't quite figured out that no matter how much time they spend attempting to manipulate their pile into something larger, forces beyond their control and which don't give a flying damn about them will ultimately determine what happens to it.  Said money-obsessed human pigs pretending to watch the world go by while gigantic "I" letters fly about, revealing that all that really matters to them is that money.  And all the time, some song containing a single letter- the only letter that counts to these people-repeated over and over again in the background.

I Trade.  I maneuver.  I Shift and Position and Invest and create pie charts.  I get constant updates on my I Phone or my I Pad.  I pore over Information.  What's going on right now in my life is ok and everything, but what I'm concerned with is what comes Next- when I am old and I can't earn any more money through actual work.   So I am going to spend my fleeting youth looking at symbols and percentage rates and dividends and points, while the planet spins around me and the suckers who think that having fun and doing non-money stuff is going to get them anywhere.

And all the time, I'll be doing it to my favorite tune.  It's a lovely song with only one word which sums up my life.  "I.....I, I.......I, I........"


  1. Money, money, money. He who dies with the most toys win. You have to be rich, rich, rich! Can't rely on Social Security and don't want to work until you die, right? Manipulate through the gospel of greed and exploiting fear in an uncertain economy. I'm curious what this IShares charges in fees and penalties and whatnot in exchange for being able to do business with them.

    1. I have a tiny teacher's pension I am paying into, and a Roth IRA- that's it. And I don't pick what funds to invest in, I leave that to my ING person, because my philosophy is if bad choices are made and I get wiped out, I'd rather have someone to blame other than myself. There's also way too much going on in my life for me to spend even a few minutes a day worrying about my retirement money- unlike the idiots in these commercials, who talk like it's ALL they think about, ALL THE TIME.