Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hey, Honda? I drive your car, but EHHHHHHH I really hate you right now.

Can someone explain to me why

1.  Honda thinks that assaulting our ears with the most annoying jackass salesman ever will make us think highly of their product, or

2.  Why, if these people have just looked at the Bestest Car Ever over at Honda, they decided to come over to Whatever Not Honda Dealership This Is and bother the salesman with comparisons of that Bestest Car Ever with the Not As Good Car he is supposed to be trying to sell them?

I mean, come on.  If you were just shown a car that you really like, that has everything you want in a car, why didn't you just buy the damn thing?  Do you just enjoy looking at cars?  Wasting your time, and the time of the sales guy who, is after all, being paid to sell cars and not try to explain why the cars he's supposed to sell aren't quite up to the standard of that car YOU LIKE SO WHY DONT YOU JUST GO BUY IT MORONS?

If I were this guy, I'd respond to the second or third question with "EHHHHHHHH....sounds like you've made up your mind.  Stop bothering me, and get back over there before someone buys your dream car, idiots."  Except I wouldn't include EHHHHHHHH, because I'm not a freak.  And I wouldn't be talking to these jackasses anyway, because I could never be a car salesman.  Certainly not if these people resemble actual, real-life customers.

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