Friday, February 15, 2013

Never mind the phone; does Radio Shack offer kid upgrades?

Are there really any dads out there who are so whipped and beaten down by their KIDS that they would let themselves be treated like this guy does?  I mean, check out this choad's fat doofus son, who mysteriously has the power to force his dad into the local Radio Shack to purchase a new phone because Dad's current one is ewwwww so lame and so 2012.

Seriously, this little putz (the kid, not the dad) sure runs a tight ship, doesn't he?  Son has had more than enough of Dad not showing well for his friends, and it's time for Dad to get hooked up with whatever the saleswoman at Radio Shack tells him is the Coolest Phone This Month.  Maybe Son has threatened Dad with-- well, what?  How exactly did the Conversation Before The Cameras Started Running go?  Did Son threaten to hold his breath until he got uglier?  What?

Whatever happened, the disgusting wuss (the dad, not the kid) goes along because after all, it's all about Showing Well for Your Kid.   I guess these two just deserve each other.  But don't try to convince me that Mom is still around.  She either took off for greener pastures, or Son has already wished her under one.  Either way, she's in a much better place, and far better off than Dad, who will no doubt find himself at the car dealership within the next few days because Jeeeeesssshhhh why are you still driving a 2012 model stupid, don't you know how LAME that makes you look (eyeroll.)

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  1. How do you as an ad man pitch this concept to an executive and get a thumbs up? Ad man: "Hey, Radio Shack VP, picture this. Dull, weak willed father wants to keep his cell phone. Obnoxious fat son shames him into getting a new one. How's that sound?" Radio Shack Guy: "Let's go with it." WHAT THE HELL?