Friday, February 1, 2013

Simulated butter topping also available for a small additional fee

Get FREE popcorn with your AMC movie tickets
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AAA. Use it for all it's worth.
FREE Popcorn
Receive a free small popcorn for every 5 AMC Gold Experience tickets purchased
AMC Entertainment

I thought I'd include this "offer" I received via email from AAA, just because I found it so hilarious.

For every FIVE AMC "Gold Experience" tickets purchased, AAA treats you to-- one small popcorn voucher (not one small popcorn- but a small popcorn voucher.  Can I assume the voucher can be used at the same time that the "Gold Experience" tickets are?  If so--Wow, what a great deal.  Amounts to maybe a dozen popped kernels per guest.)

And that's not even the best part.  I clicked on the offer and read the fine print- and discovered that the MINIMUM purchase to get this deal is TEN TICKETS, at a cost of $85.  (Yes, you do get TWO free small popcorns for your ten tickets- but tell me that it's not more than a little misleading to announce "Get Free Popcorn for Every Five Tickets' when you can't buy just five tickets.)

Gee, I hope you didn't break the bank in making this "offer,"  AAA.  Kind of reminds me of those awesome 4%- off laptops HP was offering during it's Amazing Cyber Monday Blowout. 

And the tag line is just great- "AAA.  Use it for all it's worth."  In my experience, here's what it's worth- fairly quick, reliable road service.  A slight discount at Best Western Hotels.  That's about it.  Two small bags of popcorn with the purchase of $85 worth of movie tickets?  Not worth it.

I look forward to future Amazing Offers from AAA- like maybe a Free Nutrageous Bar (Fun Size) with every three Hersheypark tickets purchased.  Or maybe a Free Bag of Peanuts (6-9 peanuts per bag) for every 10,000 SkyMiles accumulated using your AAA card.  Free 6-ounce soda when you purchase Four Entrees at Olive Garden.  The possibilities are endless, but I don't really have time to list any more right now- I have to go out and find four friends to take to the movies.  I hope they aren't hungry...

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