Saturday, February 16, 2013

Music Bullet to the Barely-breathing Intensive Care patient known as "Society"

Yes, we all know what a PAIN it is when we want to listen to our music anywhere, at any time- and all we have is headphones or cell phone or laptop speakers!  Even when we crank the volume all the way up, we have to stand within 20 feet of our devices or we can't hear a damn thing!

Now there's Magic Bullet, an amazing, wonderful device which allows us to listen to our music as God Intended- at a volume which lets everyone within a hundred yards or so know what our tastes are.  Now if we are at the beach, or the park, or the library, or the hospital, or the cemetery- No Matter, we NEVER EVER EVER have to be without our music- and now, everyone else gets to be with our music, too.

I wonder sometimes if the people who create and market crap like this are really the most inconsiderate, thoughtless pricks in the universe- or if they are just deaf and bitter at us Hearing Peoples.  Personally, if Magic Bullet becomes popular, I think I'll be envying the deaf and wondering what they think is so great about being able to hear.

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