Thursday, March 14, 2013

AMC should hold an online "Choose a New Name for this Network" contest. My suggestion: Your Place for Brain-dead Junk

I'm pretty sure that if KFC stopped serving chicken and instead switched to pizzas and burgers, they wouldn't keep the name "KFC."

I'm quite certain that if USAirways stopped charging bags almost as much as people to fly from one part of the country to another and started marketing Miracle Sunglasses instead, they wouldn't keep operating under the name "USAirways."

I think it's a pretty good guess that if Rent A Center stopped preying off of the population of people with lousy credit by leasing junk furniture and computers at high-end prices and instead opened a series of soup kitchens, they'd stop using "Rent A Center."

So can someone explain to me why a channel which puts most of it's budget into bottom-feeder television like Immortalized, Freak Show, Comic Book Men  and The Walking Dead (not to mention endless showings of explicitly Not-Classic films like Predator 2, The Transporter and Shanghai Noon) when not treating it's audience to CSI: Miami marathons continues to call itself American Movie Classics?  Talk about Exhibit A in the Case for Truth in Advertising Laws.

(Exhibit B: The "History" Channel, which features shows about as closely related to history as.....AMC's shows are related to classic films.)


  1. And then there's "TLC" which went from "The Learning Channel" to "Truly Low Class."

  2. We could keep the initials....we'd just change them to mean "Adolescent Moron Channel."

    1. Works for me....and at least it's honest. The current name isn't.

  3. KFC would then mean Kentucky Fried Crap.