Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sorry- I still think Domino's menu is pretty scary

Let's see if I get this straight:

This woman is "afraid" to try anything from Domino's other than pizza.  Actually, this part I get- she has an aversion to subjecting her body to nasty, mass-produced garbage from a chain pizza joint.  I'm not sure I would call that "fear," though.  Maybe "common sense."

Domino's pizza delivery doofus is oddly fixated on the idea of convincing this woman to try something from Domino's other than pizza.  Is he sick of bringing pizza to this woman's apartment?  Does he hope for some level of fulfillment from bringing a pan of lukewarm pasta, or a sandwich, instead?  I don't get his motivation, but he's pretty determined, because...

Domino's pizza delivery doofus is willing to "do something that scares me" in exchange for this woman's willingness to get out of her "comfort zone" and take a bite out of a freaking sandwich.  That "something" doesn't involve trying the Available For a Limited Time Fish Bites from MacDonalds or anything that isn't on that "restaurant's" Dollar Menu- that would be too logical a fit, I guess.  Instead, he's required to go on some amusement park ride.  I don't get this- are we really supposed to equate eating a sandwich with being strapped to a chair and hurled through space (though personally, I'd find the two-hour wait to experience this 20-second ride more scary than the ride itself?)  Or is this little nub of dumb all about showing us a black kid screaming with terror with his eyes bugged out?

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  1. I was wondering what the heck this commercial was about, since I always mute the TV when commercials are on. It's even more purile and idiotic than I suspected.