Sunday, March 17, 2013

These ads have me hopping for the remote, that's for sure

You know what the most disgusting thing about this repulsive little nub of an ad is?

No, it's not fat slobs who would apparently be just fine if their legs no longer functioned at all anymore.  It's not the fact that they are yelling at each other all throughout the house, despite the fact that this is truly obnoxious behavior even for normal people, which they most definitely are NOT.  And no, it's not even the scene with old moron watching television while reclining on the toilet (remember when George Costanza was forced to buy a book because he brought it into the restroom?  This pig's tablet should be declared a toxic waste site.  But who am I kidding- this whole damn HOUSE should be declared a toxic waste site.)

Here's the really grotesque, awful, unforgivably demented fact about this commercial:  If they edited out the guy on the toilet, it would still be just about the most awful thing any of us have ever seen on television, and the best reason possible to refuse to buy this "service" on principle. It would just be a few seconds shorter. I  mean, seriously.  Why would anyone want to contribute to the wallets of the fungus who thought this was a good way to sell their product?

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