Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Leave it to McDonalds..... create a completely unsnarkable commercial.

Seriously, I don't even know what this is.  I'm too stunned to even respond.  I'm only posting it here because maybe someone out there can explain it to me.

Or maybe I secretly hate my audience, and wanted to inflict this.....this....SOMETHING....on it.

Come on, John.  Try to come up with something else....

Ok, I've got it.  I bet you anything that within thirty days, at least half a dozen witless morons with iPhones will post "hilarious" takes on this Whatever It Is.  Because that's what YouTube is all about, and that's the country we've become.

Can I go now?

(BTW, this is my 1000 blog post!  And I was sure, back in January 2009, that I'd run out of commercials to rag on after a few months at most!  I will never again underestimate the ability of ad agencies to find the lowest common denominator, pry it up, and keep digging down.)


  1. -- As if one singing fish wasn't bad enough, now we have to watch a whole school of them? Pass on that.

  2. I have it! McDonalds will never run out of things to chop up, cover in batter and fry in hot grease! Next year, it'll be McMuffin Bites.

  3. They're drunk. That has to be it. I don't know anyone who'd act like in public when they were sober.