Friday, March 15, 2013

God of War: Pretension

Yep, it takes a high level of....umm..."Maturity" really get into this type of video game.

Meanwhile, the people who make these commercials must be failed Hollywood directors.  Poor Ed Wood, he was just born fifty years too early, I guess.

Silver Lining:  The dateless geeks who enjoy wasting their lives on this junk aren't crowding up the beltway during rush hour or standing in line ahead of me at the checkout counter.

Cloud: They are probably putting a bigger strain on the Power Grid than the average three Non-"Gamers."

Another Silver Lining:  Sooner or later, the springs on the couch have to give way under the strain of the expanding waistlines of the brain-dead twerps who are at Wal Mart five minutes after this game has been released.    I wish I could be there when that happens- and ONLY when that happens.

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