Sunday, March 10, 2013

This guy ever finds a fly in his soup, he'll be spraying us with ammo from the nearest clock tower

My plan to deal with the first 400 times I was subjected to this commercial while innocently trying to relax and enjoy G4's 21 Nights of Bond was to just plain ignore it.  After all, it's just another really stupid ad for another really stupid, time-and-life-sucking video game* marketed to pathetic Not Quite Ready To Be Adult Males.**  Nothing we haven't all seen before.

But the 401st time this junk popped up on my screen, I finally decided I had enough of watching this moron deal with his really severe anger issues by taking out what seems to be 'roid rage on what I'm sure he's convinced himself are his actual "enemies" on tv.  I mean, just look at this deranged weirdo- he cuts himself shaving.  He breaks a shoelace.  Result? He really really really needs to spend the next several hours pretending to chop up aliens or terrorists or whatever in his basement.  Otherwise, he may have to kill someone for real, because, hey- he cut himself shaving and broke a shoelace! Who WOULDN'T snap?

(BTW, am I the only person out there who half-expected this guy to do a Bill Bixby and turn into the Incredible Hulk?  No, buddy, I probably wouldn't like you when you are angry.  I don't even like you during the 2 seconds of this commercial you are semi-sane.)

Maybe this latest piece of electronic crud is being marketed as Do it Yourself therapy.  I'd certainly rather see this jackass playing video games than beating on his girlfriend or going on a shooting spree because he cut himself shaving and broke a shoelace.  But wouldn't it be even better if a sinkhole just took out this guy's house, ridding the planet of absolutely nobody who will be missed by anybody?

*"Revengeance?"  Really?

**"Rated M for Mature?"  Where's the "maturity" here?

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  1. Maybe you should save room in that sinkhole for copy writers who think that this well sell their product to normal human beings.