Friday, March 1, 2013

Title refers to IQ of people who are too intelligent to enjoy this crap

Ever notice how often the "From the Makers of" line is totally superfluous?  Like this trailer doesn't have "The Hangover" stink all over it.  What's more than a little sad is the fact that for plenty of people, reminding them that the makers of this dreck were also involved in the making of "The Hangover" is actually a reason to  plop down $10 to see it.

Of course, this trailer also has the stink of a thousand Life Is All About Going to College/Turning 21/Losing One's Virginity/ etc. etc. etc. films.  I don't know what goes through the heads of The Makers Of movies like this- there's no way that any of this resembles anyone's actual life experiences.  I've always imagined that these films are all made by the same population of bitter adults who were once wan, flabby, pimply-faced wallflowers who spent their youth watching popular kids from afar and imagining that they were always doing really cool things with THEIR weekends (like partying at 48-hour keggers and making out with the cheerleaders while pulling hi-LARIOUS and Soon To Be Legendary pranks on the Dean.)  Meaning that these films are essentially just therapy for middle-aged dopes who think that they were left out of all the fun and who want to convince us that they weren't- "see, we know what wildly fun things free spirits do at a certain age, 'cause we were there once too.  Yes, we partied ALL THE TIME and we NEVER stayed in the basement on Saturday nights playing Nintendo wishing the phone would ring!  Those were OTHER guys, not us!"

WTF-ever, people.  I'm not going to talk anyone out of seeing "21 and Over," and I'm not even going to try. Because just like I'm pretty sure I've got the Makers of this crap pegged, I think I know the audience, too:  Twentysomethings who spend 2 hours trying to project themselves into the characters while privately wondering why their lives are Never Like This At All, and Fortysomethings who hope someone will notice them giving their "yep, I SO remember doing shit like that" looks.  They are both welcome to the experience.

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