Saturday, March 16, 2013

Why do we keep seeing ads like this?

Because apparently, America simply cannot get enough of obnoxious kids relentlessly asking stupid questions of adults.  Or of adults responding to these stupid kids with even dumber answers.

Personally, I'd rather see doofus dumbass dad just answer the fricking questions with actual answers- "why does the door close by itself, and why do the mirrors turn in like that?"  "Because Daddy is a sucker for stupid gadgets, and the salesman said he'd show really well for the neighbors if his crap came with his car."

"Why is my butt hot?"  "I just answered that question.  Because Daddy got talked into paying extra for a ridiculous gimmick gadget he would have snarked at when he was younger.  I mean, seat warmers? Please."

"And oh by the way, stop kicking the freaking button before you break it, idiot."

So simple.  When I was married, my wife noted that it was a real crime that we never had children, because they would have been gorgeous.  They also would have been very well-behaved, and much smarter and easier to bear than any of these hideous little monsters we see on tv.  Because after all, besides being amazingly good-looking, we were also the kind of people who had this odd habit of responding to questions with answers that did not insult the questioner.  Oh well- the world's loss.  Unfortunately, there are plenty of dim-bulb, ugly morons who simply can't STOP producing jackasses like this kid.

Yep, a real crime.


  1. I can't think of any Kia ad that wasn't obnoxious, stupid, and insulted the intelligence of the audience.

  2. Just seems strange that a child is allowed to say butt. I would have been punished for using that word at a young age.
    I think its right up there with, "Oh my GOD..." when uttered by a child, and the parent doesn't blink an eye.
    Am I alone in this line of thinking

    1. I wouldn't blink an eye if I heard a child say "oh my GOD..." any more than I would blink if I heard him say "oh my UNICORN" or "oh my PIXIE...."

      If you are getting the vapors over the concept of "blasphemy," well, sorry- it's a victimless crime.