Friday, March 8, 2013

Is Progressive Insurance it's own Alternate Universe, or what?

To sum up:

The way to show the world that you are your own person who makes his own decisions and doesn't "always do what you're told to do" is to attach a device to your automobile which allows Progressive Insurance to monitor your driving habits.

Makes sense to someone, somewhere, I guess.


  1. What they dont tell you is your insurance premiums will increase every time you do not come to a complete stop at a stop sign. Or when you go over the speed limit even just one mph.

    And you pretty soon, having his monitor device will be mandatory for auto insurance.

    1. Heck, in three years dashboard cameras which watch and monitor our every move in the car will be standard. And they will be sold to us as Awesome Money Savers.

      The silver lining is, they probably won't be sold to us by Flo. She should have been put out to pasture long before that. Hell, as far as I'm concerned, she's already worn out her welcome and then some.