Saturday, October 6, 2012

600 frames of annoying, courtesy of Budweiser this time

I get that a lot of work probably goes into making commercials like this.  I get that they require a lot of camerawork and choreography and maybe there's even a certain level of skill and art involved.  Or maybe there's a very simple CGI program being used and I'm just sounding really stupid right now.

But man, what a waste.  Because all commercials like this- commercials which show the same person or persons wearing a dozen different sets of clothes, appearing in front a dozen different backgrounds, doing the same thing over and over AND OVER (whether it's texting or walking around with idiot friends or drinking beer) just gives me a freaking headache.  And makes me hate the people who are in them, almost as much as I hate the people who subjected me to this crap roughly 400 times while I watched the Atlanta Braves get royally hosed by the refs (infield fly rule? Are you fucking KIDDING ME?) and their own sloppy fielding in the National League Wild Card game.

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  1. It's sort of scary how blatant they are about writing their customers off as a bunch of interchangeable drones, isn't it?