Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I guess this is where SiriusXM cut corners to pay Howard Stern

 Armani: Hi, my name is Armani, Thank you for contacting SiriusXM.  How may I help you? ArmaniHello John. ArmaniHow are you doing today? John Jamele: I switched out a broken SkiFi2 for a new one, and I cant find an FM frequencey ArmaniI apologize for the inconvenience caused. John Jamele: I am now told that I need to purchase an FM modulator, where can I find that? ArmaniIn order to better assist you I will need to access your account.  Would you please provide your telephone or account number? John Jamele: (---------) ArmaniThank you. ArmaniPlease give me a moment to access your account. ArmaniThank you for your patience. ArmaniFor the security purpose, could you please verify the Radio Id  and the address with the Zip code? John Jamele: (---------) John Jamele: (--------) ArmaniThank you once again. ArmaniAre you near your radio at this time?

Does your radio have a clear view to the sky (please make sure it is not in the garage)?
 John Jamele: my radio is not in my car.  I have already talked to people about this, I do not want a refresh signal, it does not do any good John Jamele: none of the preprogrammed FM stations on the radio work ArmaniOkay. ArmaniPlease tune to the preview channel (Sirius 184 or XM 1) and let me know when you are ready so I can send a signal

I have sent a signal to your radio, which you will receive in less than 5 minutes. If you do not hear programming on the satellite stations, then you may need another signal. You can easily do this yourself by going online to  http://www.siriusxm.com/refresh or calling our activation hotline at 855-MY-REFRESH
 John Jamele: none of the recommended stations are available for scrolling on the XM  John Jamele: I did not need that, it will fix nothing. ArmaniMay I know the error which you are getting? John Jamele: I can not use any of the preprogrammed FM stations available through the scroll wheel on the radio John Jamele: I cannot access any of the recommended stations because they are not preprogrammed ArmaniIn order to process your request you will need to call Listener Care Product Support at 866-463-5326. Armani
Is there anything else I may assist you with?
 John Jamele: "anything else?" You didnt assist me at all John Jamele: I have already done that ArmaniPlease give me a moment. John Jamele: you seriously cannot link me to the accessory I need to make this radio work in my car? ArmaniMay I know the error which you are getting in the radio please? John Jamele: wow, really? Ok- the SkiFi2 comes with pre-programmed FM stations to chose from under "Choose Frequency."   John Jamele: None of the options works ArmaniOkay. John Jamele: The options that are recommended on the site are not included in the pre-programmed list of FM stations ArmaniMay I have your Zip code? John Jamele: SO- I am told I need to install an FM Modulator.  I don't see one on the site- can you tell me which one I need? John Jamele: (------) (still.  Just like I told you a few moments ago.) ArmaniThank you, just confirming. Armani http://www.siriusxm.com/frequency?action=form&zip=20912 John Jamele: Let me guess- that's a link to the page showing recommended frequencies ArmaniPlease refer to the above link.  John Jamele: Which I can't access, because they are not pre-programmed into the SkiFi2 ArmaniYes, you can tune to those frequencies. John Jamele: ok let me check. ArmaniThank you. John Jamele: I have seen this list.  I cannot scroll to any of these options. ArmaniPlease set the frequency to 1) 90.5
2) 94.3
3) 96.7
4) 98.3
5) 103.1
 John Jamele: they are not included in the pre-programmed list on the SkiFi2.  SO- I was told I need an FM Modulator.  Which model works with my radio?  I can't find it on the XM site John Jamele: Wow, really? John Jamele: Do you understand that I cannot set the frequency on the SkiFi to any of those options? ArmaniIn order to process your request you will need to call Listener Care Product Support at 866-463-5326. John Jamele: Of course.  Thanks very much, this is actually great material for a comedy sketch or my blog.  ArmaniJohn, please call the above number, they will help you. John Jamele: I'll be sure to do that, thanks very much ArmaniThank you. Armani
Is there anything else I may assist you with?
 John Jamele: Um, no thanks.  ArmaniI hope that I have answered all of your questions. Thank you for contacting SiriusXM and have a nice day. Armani has disconnected.


  1. Ah, yes...customer disservice...
    Did you know that their bosses write them up if they patch you through to the number you really need? THAT is what they're monitoring calls for: to make sure that customers get serviced.

    1. "Armani has disconnected."

      Truer words were never typed. I just wonder- how many years ago did this happen?

    2. Quite a while ago, I should think. My niece used to work at a call center and the general impression I got from her talking about her job is that she wasn't supposed to stray too far from a few set responses.