Monday, October 1, 2012

So- what are they selling here? Remote controls with giant Mute buttons?

Ok, I may have jumped the gun on crowning my Most Annoying Commercial of 2012. But you can't blame me- I had no idea that the makers of the HitlerMobile were going to treat us to twenty seconds of ugly idiots laughing their asses off at....well, none of our business, I guess. What ARE these people laughing about? Is the ancient old duffer looking at the Volkswagen and remembering when we made REAL cars made out of heavy steel instead of fiberglass? Is the guy about to lose a lung in his kitchen recalling the time he was reading the details of the lease agreement and the salesman said "this is a really good deal?" Are the rest of the idiots (except the baby) in this ad just celebrating an announcement that "Punch Dub Days" will not be returning to airwaves ever, ever again? Are all of them (except the baby) just drunk out of their minds? What? (As for the baby- it's just gas. And that kid has no idea he's being used in a commercial for a crummy car commercial which makes ugly German cars. So it's got an excuse. Which is more than you can say for the rest of these people.) (Come to think of it, this would make a great commercial for "The Hopper," that device which allows you to skip ads when you watch prerecorded shows- at least I think it still does that, once you get through all of the conditions and disclaimers. "Look, you could be skipping through this obnoxious, awful wall of noise if you had The Hopper!" Well worth the price, and I don't care what it is.)

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  1. Someone should make a parody of this, where, at the end, the words say "You bought a Volkswagon?"

    I have nothing against VWs, but the commercial deserves to be ridiculed, at any rate.