Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The word "No" would work here, too, Samsung.

Right off the bat- do you believe for one minute that this group of disgustingly rude camera hogs- the black guy, the fat white guy, the Asian chick, and the rest- are actually friends?  I'm sorry, but I can't imagine why these people would be standing on this pier, or anywhere else, together.  This is a problem created by the world of Advertising Political Correctness.  It would be much more realistic if the group were five teen-aged girls,* but we can't have that because someone, somewhere would angrily complain that...ummm, that....ummm, something.**

Ok, let's set that point aside and pick up another one- exactly what is preventing the "victim" here from telling this group "you know what? I think that's enough photos for now- I'm in kind of a hurry?"  That's if he wants to be polite.  He could also go with "sorry, but I can't stand here all day taking pictures of you idiots making asses of yourselves."  But if he's going to be a dishrag willing to be jerked around by half a dozen idiots he doesnt' even know, I don't see how he has any business rolling his eyes or mentally bitching about it.   Hey, buddy- you aren't being a martyr here.  You are just being a spineless loser and if you don't grow a backbone, you'd better get used to being treated like this.

And I really don't get the commercial's punchline at all- apparently, the message is that if everyone just gets these new Samsung phones, innocent bystanders won't be put out by constant demands for group photos.  But the people in this ad get all their photos.  Wouldn't this make more sense if the jogging guy refused to accommodate their insatiable demand for photos, and the group couldn't find anyone else to take more than one photo, so were, ummm.....stuck having to deal with the painfully complicated problem of sending that photo to the other phones?

As near as I can tell, this is the embedded message of this ad- it's a pain when a group of people keep asking the same guy to take multiple photos with different phones.  The solution- everyone gets a Samsung Galaxy III phone, so one picture can be shared among all the phones.  But the Samsung-less people here aren't suffering- so why are they investing in expensive new phones?

Oh and BTW, if the posing pustules are going to demand a hundred photos, how does using one camera help the hostage taking the pictures, anyway?  "Ok, stand there for the next twenty minutes taking pictures of us doing stupid things.  It's more convenient now, because you can keep using the same phone."  Um, what?

*Please don't attack me for using teen-aged girls as an example.  I've been a High School teacher for 18 years, and I've been on enough field trips to know all about which groups of people like multiple photos taken.   I've experienced the joy of standing in place with a camera in my hand and half a dozen lying at my feet.  But those were CAMERAS.  If you can send photos from phone to phone already, why do you need phones that can instantly share the photo through touching? It just makes my head hurt.

**I like the way the Group that is Superior Because They Have Samsung Phones twenty yards away on the same pier is just as diverse as the group with cameras- black girl, white blonde girl, Guy of Uncertain Ethnicity, Scruffy Fat White Guy.  Maybe I just live in the wrong part of the country, but around these parts, people simply do not travel in bands like this.


  1. What would occur to me, if I was the unwitting cameraman, is that I am a runner, and at least a couple of these people obviously aren't. So, after the first couple hints went ignored, I'd just make off with the phone.

    1. phoneS, plural.

      Then this could be a great commercial for running shoes.