Thursday, October 11, 2012

Actually, Your Time has passed. Move along now.

"For some people, their time comes when they are young and good-looking and virile.  Sure, it means they get to have great, energetic sex with other young people without the use of expensive purple pills.  Sure, they are unencumbered by children so they can throw cheese and wine in the back of the car and head out for the coast in the middle of the night when the mood strikes them.  But....umm....but....well, I'm sure there are SOME disadvantages...."

"For me, My Time comes now- when I'm over fifty, and I'm up at dawn, ready for dinner at four and curled up in bed with a good book and my cat by eight.  I have to use the bathroom four times a night, I ache pretty much all the time, and I have the libido of a rotting turnip.  The body, too.  Yes, this is MY time.  My time to fall in love again."

All I can say is, thank you for not showing these ads during the dinner hour.  What I don't get is this- I saw this one right after the sixth inning of the Orioles-Rangers Wild Card game, around 10:30 PM Eastern Time.  I can't imagine any potential customers were still awake.

Oh, and a much more snarky Thank You for making me contemplate the idea that the people portrayed in these ads are actually having sex.  I hate you.


  1. I'm the same age as these people. Thanks for telling me I'm a dried-up old spinster who has forever lost my chance at love because I'm just too old.

  2. It's just a blog criticizing commercials, it's not meant to replace actual commentary concerning actual people.

    As someone who lost his chance at love long before reaching the age of these people, I apologize for any discomfort I may have engendered.