Sunday, October 28, 2012

Quick Tips about Buying Trucks! And Pardon the Exclamation Points!

1.  If you find yourself chattering excitedly with the salesperson about the truck you just took on a test drive, try to remind yourself that only one of you is being asked to commit to shelling out $30,000 or more over the next four years to pay for it!!

2.  In the same vein- try to remember that the guy you are getting all giddy with over the stupid truck will be making a commission if he can translate your childish excitement over buying a showy ManMobile into your actual purchase of said machine!!

3.  Meanwhile, try to remember that if you actually took this truck on a Test Drive through a shallow stream, kicking up enough rocks and dirt to cover it with 1/8th inch of mud, that mud is hiding scratches and maybe even a few dents!  And since in your heart of hearts you know you'll never actually being doing this with a truck again, maybe you'd like to demand a brand-new, unscuffed truck instead of the one you just damaged!!

Or maybe you are just so determined to prove yourself another Alpha Male to the Total Stranger Salesguy You Will Probably Never See Again that you'll slather mud all over your hand before you use it to shake on the deal, and you'll insist that the mud stays on the truck until you drive it off the lot, already worth at least a grand less than what you paid for it!!!  In which case, you probably won't pay the slightest attention to the tips I've listed above!!  Ok, I tried!!

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