Thursday, October 25, 2012

Samsung continues to make this just way too easy

Some of us destroy zombies, some of us just feed them.  And some of us just Are Them.

And sometimes, the punchlines just write themselves.

Since there's really nothing else to add, I'll throw in two points that occurred to me on third viewing:  First, these chuckleheaded overgrown children are playing their pointless, witless little zombie game while sitting in a public place- and neither are using headphones or even earbuds.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again- when are people with portable radios or these idiot boxes ever going to re-activate that tiny, shriveled-from-lack-of-exercise part of their brain which governs consideration for other people?

Second, I'm not a big fan of violence on television, but if the guy here wants to slap the meddling old woman across the skull after she makes her unsolicited comment, that would be fine with me.  Totally different opinion if she wasn't also playing with her phone- if she were reading a book, or just sitting quietly, attempting to enjoy a little solitude but unable to do so because these two infants were blathering about their dumbass game, I'd say she was completely justified in speaking up.  But not if she's just f--ing around with her own brain cell vampire.  Since that is what we see her doing here, feel free to slug away, buddy.  Then go invest in a brand new phone, tossing aside the one you have now, which was perfectly functional until you realized you couldn't use it to win at zombie games.

"I like to win."  At video games played on your phone.  Mom and Dad must be Uber-proud.

"Moron" just doesn't cut it here, but I'm pretty tired, so I'll just leave it at that.


  1. This is why a real zombie pandemic would go unnoticed. After all, who could tell the Walking Dead from these lifeless husks?