Thursday, October 4, 2012

Criticizing this garbage? It's a snap!

Ok, let me see if I get this straight- The owner of this phone has decided that the best place to do her banking, and the best time to do it, is in the middle of her living room, while her demon spawn jumps up and down screaming their ungodly, obviously Satan-infused lungs out, the adorable little tikes. She rubs her finger around a screen for a while, taking a picture of a check, taking a picture of her children (does she, in some unguarded moments, secretly wish she could deposit them, too?), sending the picture of the check along to the bank, getting a confirmation that it's been deposited, Mission Accomplished.

 Then, she....ummm....hands the phone to Thing One who, having finally won Mom's attention, proceeds to....ummm...pick up the phone and play with it. So...all this time, Mommy's Little Miracle was actually just clamoring for his turn to play with the phone? Even if this is the case- is it really a good idea to let a kid play with a phone which we were just shown can be used to do rather sensitive stuff like banking? I can just see this kid playfully pushing a few buttons and transferring Mommy's 401(k) to that nice guy who is trying to get out of Nigeria with his suitcase full of gold coins. While we're at it, can someone explain to me why this thing is shot in some odd, ugly negative theme? Never mind- I mean, it's not as if any of the rest of this makes any sense.

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  1. i think your wife left you. who else would waste time on a commercial

    This was sent to my regular gmail, not through the blog, but I felt I had to share it. I don't know who KCollea is, but considering the hate embedded in her post, I assume that it must be someone I dated at least a few times. No one who doesn't know me would ever write such a thing.